MemPlus : Analyze and Optimize RAM Usage in Windows

No matter how much RAM you install in your Windows computer, some background processes always seem to hog up the system RAM. And when you try to launch a demanding program, it loads so slow because there is no enough RAM left for it to work optimally. Before ordering another set of RAM modules for your computer, you should take a look at these background apps and see if you really need them – perhaps you can free up RAM that is being claimed by unnecessary apps and programs running in the background. A free software called MemPlus does exactly this – it can analyze and optimize the system RAM usage in Windows, making more RAM available for programs that need it.

MemPlus packs many things inside its small interface. As you launch it, you will be shown the total RAM available and the RAM used up by various processes. You can click on the Clean Memory button to free up RAM from working sets of various programs, standby cache, file system cache and the clipboard. Removing memory from working sets of processes has no effect in some cases as the process simply reclaims the needed memory.


The RAM analyzer module can display you information about all the installed memory banks in the computer. These RAM modules are attached to your computer’s motherboard and are usually from one to four in number. RAM analyzer shows these modules as BANK0, BANK1 and so on. For each of these modules, you can see the total capacity, clock frequency, slot location on the motherboard and so on.


It also comes with a process analyzer which is similar to the Task Manage of Windows. But this process analyzer is designed to show the total memory usage by each of the processes. It displays process ID, process name, process location (like the path of the EXE file), and the memory consumption. You can right-click on any of these processes and choose to empty its working set or terminate it.


In the settings of MemPlus, you can make it automatically optimize the RAM when the total RAM usage crosses a certain threshold (which is 75% by default). So if you have 4 GB RAM installed and the memory consumption crosses the 3GB level, it will auto-optimize RAM usage and free up the RAM for use by the programs that need it. You can also set how much time it should wait after this threshold is reached so as not to keep optimizing all the time.


MemPlus is a nifty solution to the ages old problem of running out of the system RAM. It can run in the background to keep monitoring the RAM usage and free it up whenever necessary.

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