ColorConsole : Colorful Alternative to Windows Command Prompt

ColorConsole is an alternative to the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe). It offers a colorful console window compared to the black and white Windows command prompt. In addition, it also makes it easy to enter in some of the well known commands such as chdir, ping, dir, tracert etc.

ColorConsole is a portable application developed by famous Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK. It is exactly the same as the “cmd.exe” command prompt but shows the interface in a very beautiful green interface. The background of the ColorConsole is dark green and the text is shown in light green color. It supports all the same commands as you would use in the Windows command prompt. Moreover, it also support all the PowerShell commands bringing best of the both worlds through a single interface.


By default, ColorConsole uses large font style perhaps something like you would find in old Windows 98 command prompt and the effect looks really good. But if you want to change the font size used, then you can do so easily from the toolbar. Similarly, the text color and the background color of ColorConsole can be modified to anything you want.

ColorConsole has a tabbed user interface and allows you to open multiple command prompt windows inside its main window. You can switch from one tab to another easily. For each of the tabs, there is a text box where you can type in any command and press Enter to execute that command in the console.

Whatever you have been doing in the ColorConsole window, you can export the session to an HTML file or to an RTF document which can be later opened in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. It also allows you to print the session to a printer connected to your PC or to a virtual PDF printer.

You can download ColorConsole from