upToDate Downloader : Portable Download Manager for Windows

There are many download managers available for Windows that can help you download files easily with the ability to pause and continue the downloads at convenient times. These download managers are great for downloading very large files such the Linux distribution ISO images or Windows installation media ISO files. But now a new download manager called upToDate Downloader allows more than just downloading of the files – it also keeps all the downloads up-to-date.

upToDate Downloader not only downloads the files from specified links to a download folder on your hard drive, but it keeps checking the internet for these links and if it finds that the files on the servers have changed since the last time, then it downloads the new version of the files so that you always have the latest up-to-date copies of the download files.

Just like with any other download manager, you can add a new download link to the download list whereupon it checks the link, the file size and the file modified date on the server. This data is saved when the file is downloaded along with the MD5 checkum of the file. Next time, you simply have to click on the “start download” button and it will re-check whether you have the latest version of the file. If the file is already up-to-date, it will display “Up to date” for that file, otherwise it will download the new version.

upToDate Downloader

You can right-click on the downloaded files in upToDate Downloader and it will display all the useful information about that file like the file name, URL, referrer, file date, file size, MD5 checksum, and an option to view the VirusTotal analysis of the file.

upToDate Downloader

In the settings of upToDate Downloader, you can change the default download folder, the number of parallel downloads, whether to play audio file when a file is downloaded, if a checksum file has to be created for the downloaded files. However there is no way to customize the audio file that is played at download completion.

upToDate Downloader

upToDate Downloader can be used to keep downloads fresh with the latest version of the files available on the server. For the servers where download link remains the same, you can keep downloading new version of the same file using upToDate Downloader.

You can download upToDate Downloader from https://www.wintools.info/index.php/uptodate-downloader.