Disk Sorter : Classify Files on Local & Network Storage

After having used any computer for a couple of years, its hard drive may accumulate so many files that it becomes a herculean task to manage them or find the files that you are looking for. Other problem that many people often come across is finding the largest files that have filled up your hard drive. A freeware software Disk Sorter can be used to organize data and classify files on your computer. With the help of this free software, we can manage all the files and folders on the local storage, on the removable storage devices and also on the network drives.

When you classify files using Disk Sorter, it scans through all of your folders that you have selected and categorizes all the files based on their file type – videos, audio files, documents and so on. The default installation comes with a few plugins that are used to classify the files. But you can download many more plugins to support the identification and classification of many more file types. Using these plugins, it is able to classify more than 3,000 different types of files.

Disk Sorter

Disk Sorter can display the classification in its window listed according to the type of classification selected which can by by extension, by file type, by username, by creation, modification or accessed dates. But if you can also display the classification report in form of a pie chart or bar chart. These charts can be exported to PDF, HTML, CSV and many other file formats.

Disk Sorter

The free version of Disk Sorter can sort as many as 500,000 files. But if you buy the Disk Sorter license, then you can sort 100 million files in a few seconds. The licensed version is also able to work with larger capacity storage media.

You can download Disk Sorter from https://www.disksorter.com/.