Master PDF Editor : Create, View and Edit PDF Documents

Master PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF solution for all the popular platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It packs all the common features that are desired from a PDF editing software. It can create PDF documents from scratch, edit existing PDF files, convert documents from one format to another, export PDF documents to other file types and more. It can also be used to add security to your PDF documents such as encrypting them, password protecting them or digitally sign the PDF documents.

Many ways to create PDF documents
Master PDF Editor is able to create new PDF documents in many different ways. It can scan existing paper documents using a scanner or multi-function printer and save them as PDF documents. You can create them from existing documents like Microsoft Word documents or images, or you can start with an empty PDF documents and add content to it.

Virtual PDF printer for all applications
Master PDF Editor installs a virtual PDF printer in Windows. You can use this virtual printer to print any document and save it as a PDF file. This gives the ability to save any type of file as PDF document from within any application that allows to print.

Master PDF Editor

Annotate and modify PDF documents
Using Master PDF Editor, you can add new text, image or other objects to existing PDF documents. You can change the font name, size and style for existing text. It also allows you to move or remove existing images. It comes with standard annotation tools like adding text, drawing shapes, arrows, lines, highlighters and more.

PDF manipulation
Master PDF Editor can be used to rotate, move, remove, insert or reorder the pages inside a PDF file. It can be used to create a single PDF document by joining multiple smaller PDF files. Similarly, you can also split a large PDF document into multiple smaller PDF document. You can choose to extract only a few pages from a PDF document.

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