Set Random MAC Address for any Network Interface in Windows

All network interfaces available in a Windows computer such as WiFi or Ethernet port  have a fixed MAC address (media access control) associated with them. MAC address is a set of six hexadecimal numbers (such as 2A:A7:1F:B7:AA:F4) and is used to identify your computer over a network. If you access public WiFi networks such as the WiFi on airports, restaurants or coffee-shops, then you can easily be tracked (the same MAC address present in all the locations).

Fortunately, Windows allows you to spoof the MAC address of your network interfaces albeit it has to be done through making changes to the registry. In Windows 10 version 1803, there was a setting that allowed you to randomize the MAC address for WiFi network interfaces, but Microsoft removed it in later versions.

Using our free tool Random MAC Address, you can easily and quickly change the MAC address of any network interface in your Windows computer to a randomly generated MAC address. By changing the MAC address, you can spoof your network identity and prevent public WiFi networks to track you.

Random MAC Address

In the small window of Random MAC Address, you can select one of the network interfaces from the list for which you want to set a random MAC address. Next, you can click on the Generate Random to make a new random hardware address. You can keep clicking on this button to create newer random addresses.

Finally, you can click on the Change button to assign the random address to the selected network interface. If you want to remove this random network address, then you can select a network interface and click on the Restore button. You are shown an information message after successfully changing or restoring the MAC address.

Random MAC Address

After this, you have to either restart Windows or disable the network interface in question and re-enable it once again. This can be done from “Network Adapters” section of Windows Control Panel. Random MAC Address automatically opens the required Control Panel section for you.

You can download Random MAC Address from


  1. It would be really cool if there was a silent application or start parameters so I can put in auto-start and randomize my mac-adress at every restart.

  2. i have Mediatek MT7630E 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter on hp. This software does change its mac address but later wifi doesn’t connect with any network. Wifi works again properly after resetting its mac address.

    1. Some WiFi networks do not allow connection with spoofed MAC address. Also Mediatek WiFi adapters are known to be problematic.

      1. could you please include an option to enable change MAC address on startup option on the next release.

        Much appreciated

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