How to Generate QR Code from Clipboard

We reviewed an open-source application for Windows called Clipboard to QR-Code a few days ago. It is designed to generate QR codes from the clipboard data. The tool works great but uses being an electron based app, it is not only huge in size but uses more than necessary system resources. So we have designed our own tool called QR Code from Clipboard. It is programmed in C and compiled using GCC, making it a very small and completely independent program. It uses minimal of the system resources and is very fast QR code generator, compared to some other similar programs.

“QR Code from Clipboard” is a completely portable program. You can download the ZIP archive containing this program from and extract the contents to any folder on your local storage drive. As soon as you launch qr-from-clipboard.exe, it will show a QR code generated using the text data stored in your computer’s clipboard.

QR Code from Clipboard

There are some restrictions to make things easier in the program. For example, it won’t generate QR code if you copy more than 300 characters long data to the clipboard, because usually people need QR codes from URLs and smaller text snippets. QR codes created from larger text becomes just too large to be displayed on computer screen. Another obvious restriction is that it generates QR code only from text data, binary data is ignored.

QR Code from Clipboard

If you want to assign a hotkey to “QR Code from Clipboard” then you can create a shortcut to it on your Windows desktop. Then right-click on this shortcut and select Properties. In the properties window, you can change the shortcut key to anything you want. In the following screenshot, it has been assigned Ctrl+Shift+Q hotkey. Using this method, you can use any hotkey of your choice to launch this program.

You can download “QR Code from Clipboard” from