Toggle Firefox Update : Easily Enable or Disable Automatic Updates in Firefox

Starting with version 63.0 of the Firefox web browser, Mozilla removed the ability to disable the automatic updates from within the preferences of the browser. So in Firefox 63.0 and later versions, you cannot disable the updates and Firefox will continue to be automatically updated.

But at the same time, Mozilla has provided some options to the system administrators to stop or disable the automatic updates if such a need arises. For example, if your organization works with a particular version of Firefox, then you can install that version and disable the automatic updates. In Windows, a system administrator can install Group Policies for Firefox and access them through Windows Group Policy Editor. You can also use the policies.json file to disable updates in Firefox version 63 and above.

However, if you are not interested in all the other things being offered through the group policy editor, then you can use our tool Toggle Firefox Update. This tool offers nothing else but the options to enable or disable automatic updates in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It works with Firefox version 63 and above. Basically, you have to click on the Enable button to enable the automatic Firefox updates and on the Disable button to disable the updates.

Toggle Firefox Updates

The settings will work for all the Firefox web browser instances run on your Windows computers, no matter whether Firefox is installed or you are using a portable version as long as you are using Firefox version 63.0 and above.

There could be a situation where the policies.json file for a particular Firefox has the automatic updates setting set to disabled. In that case, the Windows registry policy settings will override the policies.json settings. So even if you have used policies.json file to disable updates for your portable Firefox, if you have used our tool “Toggle Firefox Update” to enable the updates, Firefox will auto-download the updates.

You can download Toggle Firefox Update from


  1. If your toll simple adjusts the Registry, why not provide the manual Registry disable settings as well?

  2. I think that worked. FF says “updates have been disabled by your system administrator”.
    I can’t handle updates every couple of days, and mysteriously missing addons is completely unacceptable. This will buy me time while I look for another browser.
    My first Internet connection was with Netscape through Trumpet Winsock. That’s how long its been.

  3. You didn’t say what spyware, virus and adware are you going to install with this.

    1. It is completely safe and virus free. Only it is not digitally signed. Some “low quality” antivirus think all unsigned programs are virus. This is just lazy programmers, they dont want to analyze programs just want to label all unsigned programs as harmful.

      VirusTotal report :

      All the trustworthy antivirus engine like F-Secure, ESET, Kasperksy, Avast etc., do not find any virus.

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