How to Play PlayStation Portable Games in Windows Using PPSSPP

If your PlayStation Portable (PSP) has broken down and you are unable to play your favorite games on your PlayStation console, then you can still enjoy playing them on your Windows desktop computer using a powerful PlayStation Portable emulator called PPSSPP.

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that is totally free, works very fast, and is available on all the popular desktop platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Linux in addition to mobile platforms like iOS, BlackBerry and Android. This fast PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator allows you to run almost all the games available for the portable PSP console.

As anybody can guess, it works better if you have a high-end GPU and at least 8GB of RAM installed in your system. The user interface imitates that of the PSP itself and you can quickly load an ISO image of a game CD/DVD using the Load.. option. If you do not have any ISO images for a game, then you can create the ISO images of your PSP games using WinCDEmu.

PPSSPP PlayStation Emulator

As soon as you load an ISO file, it will display the game screen just like in your PSP device, after which you can choose the options to play the game as usual. This emulator uses the best possible hardware configuration for your Windows PC, but you can change the settings to make it run smoother at the cost of display quality.

PPSSPP PlayStation Emulator

In the settings, you can change all the usual PSP options like graphics, audio, controls, networking, tools and system. You can configure your game controller to work with PPSSP so that you can play the games from a distance to your screen. And if you can attach your PC to a large screen TV, then you basically have a PlayStation setup without spending any extra money.

PPSSPP PlayStation Emulator

PPSSPP is open-source PSP emulator and supports many popular PSP games like Grand Theft Auto – Vice City and Need for Speed – Carbon. It works on Android devices too which can be a great way to enjoy games on a portable device.

You can download PPSSPP PlayStation Emulator from