Alt-Tab Terminator : Windows Alt+Tab Task Switcher Replacement

In Windows 10, there are two hotkeys Alt+Tab and and Win+Tab that can be used to switch between different open windows. The latter hotkey Win+Tab is actually used for switching across virtual desktops but it can also be used to switch between various open windows. Both of these show you easy way to jump from one window to another, but do not give any options to terminate any of the open windows. If you want to have some options to close the open windows from the task switcher itself, then you can use Alt-Tab Terminator.

Alt-Tab Terminator is functionally similar to the original Windows’ in-built Alt+Tab switcher except that it displays options to close the selected windows, terminate a window or run a new program. The interface is also a little different from the original Alt+Tab switcher. It displays the whole desktop background with only the selected window visible over the desktop background.

Alt-Tab Terminator

In the options for Alt-Tab Terminator, you can choose to make it run automatically with Windows, you can replace the hotkeys Alt+Tab and Win+Tab with Alt-Tab Terminator, you can change the size, you can run it in the compact mode (no window preview is displayed in the compact mode), you can run it in the full-screen mode, choose large icons or small icons for the interface, you can choose the dark mode for the interface and more. But I suggest not to replace Win+Tab hotkey as it can be used to jump from one virtual desktop to another.

Alt-Tab Terminator

Conclusion: Alt-Tab Terminator is a nice-looking replacement for the in-built Alt+Tab switcher. It works perfectly well in Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. It can replace both the Alt+Tab and Win+Tab hotkeys. And if you want really large task switcher, then you can run Alt-Tab Terminator in the full-screen mode.

You can download Alt-Tab Terminator from