VideoInspector Gives Details of Video Files

These days only the users who depend on Windows Media Player run into the trouble of not being able to play a video file. They have to install all sorts of codecs for playing video or audio files. Other users who use VideoLAN VLC media player do not have to install all of these codecs. But if you are old fashioned Windows Media Player user, then you may have to find out what type of codecs are required for the video. For this kind of troubleshooting, you can use a freeware tool called VideoInspector.

VideoInspector is a small tool that can show you details about a video file. It comes a portable software and does not require any installation. In the small window of VideoInspector, you can load any video file from your local storage device. Immediately after the loading, it will display the details about that file including file size, encapsulator, video codec, audio codec, bitrates, and where the required codecs are installed for playing this video file.


Next  to the video codec and the audio codec information, you will find download buttons to download the codecs from the internet which makes it very easy to install the missing codecs. Alternatively, you can download the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from which covers all the possible codecs you might need. This codec pack also comes with MPC-HC media player.

After installing the codecs, you can click on the Codecs in the menubar to view the list of all the installed codecs in Windows. You can see the name of the codec, description, version and the codec files located on your local storage device.


Conclusion: While VideoInspector does its job as expected, it is not really needed in today’s times. Now all you have to do is install VLC media player and all of your troubles are over – you won’t need any codecs or troubleshooting tool.

You can download VideoInspector from

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  1. Hi, Vlc media player lists all information. i downloaded to fix some audio problem in a video, but nothing happens.

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