Keypirinha : Portable App Launcher for Windows

Newcomers to the amazing world of computers these days start their adventures by learning to use the touch-screen ready devices, touch-pad or a mouse with eight different buttons. But the smarter old timers love to play with their fingers on the computer keyboard to launch applications or control various actions through hotkeys. In fact if you can learn to use some of the commands in Windows, it can really save your time and make launching various applications much easy. For example, if you want to open the “Programs and Features” section in the control panel, then you can press Win+R, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter and save yourself from opening many confusing windows.


A freeware app launcher called Keypirinha can save your time even further. Once launched, it stays in the system tray of Windows desktop and responds to the hotkey Ctrl+Win+K. When you use this hotkey, Keypirinha prompt will appear on your screen. You can start typing the name of the program that you want to launch which will instantly display a list of all the matching programs available on your computer. You can use up-down arrow to select a program and launch it by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.


This is not all, Keypirinha can be maximized to make it into a larger size window (by using the hotkey Win+Up), can be used to add command line arguments to various applications (by press Tab after selecting a program), allows you to select all the different actions associated with a program (by pressing Ctrl+Enter after selecting a program) and more.

Conclusion: Keypirinha is powerful program launcher for Windows. It comes with many packages pre-installed which make it easy for you to launch certain type of programs. And you can download many more packages to add new features to Keypirinha.

You can download Keypirinha from