Backup Universal Apps in Windows 10 with CloneApp UA

Previously we have reviewed a backup software called CloneApp which is used to make a backup of all the settings of various third party programs installed on your Windows PC. Now the same developers have come up with another similar software called CloneApp UA which can be used to backup the universal apps (UA) installed in your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computers.

CloneApp UA can be used to backup and restore the universal apps installed in your Windows PC. Since these universal apps can be used only in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, CloneApp UA works only on these platforms. As you launch CloneApp UA, it will display a list of all the universal apps installed in your PC. It displays both the apps that come pre-installed with Windows (such as Cortana, Edge, Alarms, Calculator etc.) and the apps that you might have installed from Windows Store.

CloneApp UA

In the CloneApp UA interface, you can select all the apps or only the apps that you want to backup. After this, you can click on “Backup” and it will copy all the apps related files to a sub-folder named “Backup”. Later if you want to restore these apps, then you can click on “Restore” and follow the on-screen directions. Apart from the backup and restore features, it is also able to repair the app installations. So if an app is not working because of data or files corruption, you can repair it and it should start working again.

CloneApp UA developers caution about closing down all the running universal apps before trying to make a backup. But the problem is that some universal apps like Cortana keep running in the background and cannot really be “closed down” unless you take some special measures to disable it (permanently disable SearchUI.exe in Windows 10). Nonetheless, CloneApp UA offers a quick way of backing up universal apps and restoring them later when needed.

You can download CloneApp UA from