DTaskManager : Advanced Task Manager for Windows

Windows 10 comes with a Task Manager of its own. Even the older versions of Windows come with this Task Manager, albeit not having as many features as it does in Windows 10. If you want to have a portable task manager with many advanced features, then you can try DTaskManager. It is a portable task manager for Windows that gives lots of new functions that do not exist in the simple in-built Task Manager of Windows.

The user interface of DTaskManager is very clean and simple. For more powerful options, you will have to launch DTaskManager with administrator privileges. It displays various tabs for different types of information – applications, processes, performances, ports, networking, user modules and kernel modules.

Under the tab “Application” you will find all the programs running on your system and under the “Processes” tab there is a list of all the processes. You can right-click on any of these processes or applications to view advanced options for them such as ending process, quitting process or killing a process.


It can terminate processes or applications in different ways – ending process method sends a request message to close the process, quitting a process method sends a request to quit the process, and terminating a process will force close the process. Unlike with the Windows Task Manager, DTaskManager allows you to select more than one items and perform actions on them all at the same time.

DTaskManager brings the Linux style suspension of a process to Windows. You can suspend a process when you do not want to terminate it but also do not want that process to use too many of your system resources. Suspending a process will keep it alive and won’t allow it to consume too much of CPU or RAM.

You can download DTaskManager from http://dimio.altervista.org/eng/#DTaskManager.