Tagman Helps Manage Music Libraries Efficiently

Tagman is a music management software from Abselssoft. It features the ability of automatic recognizing your music files and tagging them with the information fetched from the internet. This way you can have your MP3 music collection tagged properly along with ID3 tags that contain artists, album names, music title, year of release, album pictures and more. When you play a properly tagged music file in a media player, this information is displayed on your screen.

Tagman starts by asking you to select music files. You can make it automatically search for music files on your hard drive or you can manually select the folders containing these files. Automatic music search looks for the music files only in the default Music folder for Windows which is located in C:\Users\username\Music by default.


As soon as you have added the files, it will start the process of auto-recognizing these files. For this process, it takes a fingerprint of the music files and matches them in the online database. If a match is found, then it will fetch the music information from the internet and populate the meta-tag. The online database of music files has millions of songs and tracks from all languages and it hardly misses any song.


However, it does not save this information. It gives you a chance to edit the information. You can check this new meta-tag data for each of the music files one at a time. Only when you are satisfied with all the new information, you can click on the save button to finally write this information inside the music files.

There will be music files that are not recognized. Tagman uses color codes to show you which files are recognized and which of them are not. Yellow code is used for files that are recognized, green for verified files, blue for the tags edited manually by you, and red code is used for faulty files.


Tagman is not free but allows you to automatically recognize 500 music files. After that you will have to manually add the tag information or you can purchase the license which costs €29.99 only.

You can download Tagman from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/Multimedia/Tagman.