How to Connect Crypto Wallet for Android with Opera Browser for Desktop

The latest version of Opera, version 60.0, has come up with a unique new feature using which you can use Crypto Wallet from your Android phone in your Opera web browser on your desktop computer. Everything is done using QR codes and you do not have to sign-in using your wallet’s username or passwords. Opera has made it a three step process which is very easy to follow.

Here is how you can connect Crypto Wallet with your desktop Opera web browser:

  1. First of all install latest version of Opera in desktop PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) and also install Opera browser in your Android smartphone. This feature is available in version 60.0 of the Opera browser, so you should install version 60 or newer.
  2. Launch Opera in your desktop PC. Click on the Opera icon in top-left, and select Settings from the menu. You can also use the hotkey Alt+P to open Opera settings.
  3. Select Advanced in Opera settings, find Crypto Wallet section and select Enable Crypto Wallet.Connect Crypto Wallet in Opera
  4. Click on the new “Crypto Wallet” shortcut in the sidebar. Then click on Reveal the code. It will show a QR code which is specific to your computer. It will be different for different people and devices.Connect Crypto Wallet in Opera
  5. Scan this QR code using Opera web browser in your Android smartphone. You can find QR code scanner in the address bar of Opera browser.
  6. You will see the message in Opera browser for Android that your computer has been connected and you can now use wallet on your computer. Connect Crypto Wallet in Opera
  7. Now you can start using Crypto Wallet in your desktop computer through the Opera web browser. In order to access Crypto Wallet by clicking on its shortcut in the sidebar.Connect Crypto Wallet in Opera

I tried the pairing of Crypto Wallet on my Android smartphone with Opera browser on my Windows 10 PC. But it failed because my phone was using 4G data while the PC was connected to the WiFi network. I could solve it easily by connecting the Android phone to the same WiFi network. This is not mentioned anywhere, but it seems that both of your devices must be on the same WiFi network for this pairing to work.

If you have not installed Opera yet, you can download Opera from