Run Android Apps in Windows with KOPLAYER

KOPLAYER is an Android emulator for Windows. It comes with everything you would need to start using Android on your Windows PC. You can download KOPLAYER, install it in Windows and in a few seconds you will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your PC.

KOPLAYER is designed for playing games but works with other apps as well. It allows integration of gamepad so that you can enjoy playing games without having to configure any keyboard keys. It can be switched to the full-screen mode which again makes it an ideal Android emulator for playing games on a larger screen.

On the left side of the KOPLAYER window, there are many useful controls that make life easy when using Android emulator in your desktop computer. These controls let you change the volume level, switch to the full-screen mode, access the menu of any app, install APK from your hard drive, set GPS location, toggle the webcam, share files between Windows and Android, capture screenshots, rotate the device screen, shake the device etc.


The home screen of KOPLAYER is designed for the gamers. If you click on the Mario icon in the corner, it will show all the available games that you can download. But you can also download and install games from other sources. Furthermore, you can get the APK files provided by some game publishers (such as PUBG) and install it through the APK feature of KOPLAYER.

Not all the games work well in KOPLAYER or any other Android emulator working in a desktop computer. This is because some games require the use of accelerometer present in real Android devices that can tell about the way you are holding the device – whether you are tilting it to the left or to the right. Consequently games like 3D Bike Rider won’t be playable in KOPLAYER.

You can download KOPLAYER from