Manage Windows Desktop Icons Easily with XVA Assistant

XVA Assistant is a free desktop icon management utility. It is portable and does not require any installation, but it comes with options to auto-start itself with Windows. It features a display that looks like Android apps drawer from where you can access shortcuts to all the apps installed in your smartphone. XVA Assistant comes with many skins to make it look much more pleasant to your eyes.

When you launch XVA Assistant for the very first time, it displays some icons already added to the interface. You can quickly add new icons (shortcuts) by clicking on the Add icon. This will slide out a tray from the left side of XVA Assistant window that displays a long list of all the applications installed in your system. From this list you can add any of these icons to the XVA Assistant. But if you do not find your favorite app listed here, then you can click on the Browse button to select its program file and add it.

XVA Assistant

More interesting options are given near the top of the window. There is a refresh button that flips the display between blue and pink look both of which have different sets of icons. There is a small menu using which you can switch the look of the application between the Phone and Tablet/Pad. The phone-look mimics a smartphone and the Pad look mimics large size tablet. Both of these are touch ready so if you have touchscreen PC, you can swipe the screen of XVA Assistant and launch apps using your fingers.

XVA Assistant

In the options for XVA Assistant, you can make it auto-start with Windows, use small icons, keep it always on top, show animation effects, dock to the edge of the screen, enlarge text, specify a hotkey and place a shortcut to XVA Assistant in the Windows taskbar.

XVA Assistant

XVA Assistant is a well designed shortcuts or desktop icons manager for Windows. It works really well with touchscreen computers and comes with eye pleasing themes.

You can download XVA Assistant from