MeGUI : Open-Source Video Encoder with x265 and x264 Support

MeGUI is a video encoder that supports some of the latest  x264 and x265 (HEVC/H265) standards. We have already covered the x265 tool that can be used to encode your video files into the H.265 format. But the x265 tool is a command-line tool and you have to learn all about its various parameters in order to fully utilize it. If you are not particularly interested in the command line tools for your video encoding requirements, then you can use another open-source tool MeGUI that offers pretty much the same features but through a graphical user interface.

MeGUI uses Avisynth script for all the encoding and you have to specify this script for the encoding. But it also offers some other quicker tools like One Click Encoder that can be used to encode your media files using x265 or x264 standards. For this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch MeGUI and press the hotkey Ctrl+O. You can also select File → Open from the menubar.MeGUI Video Encoder
  2. Select a video file from your hard drive and it will display another window that helps you choose an encoder tool. From the two options are displayed (One click encoder and File indexer). The latter is very slow and might take hours in the whole encoding process – this is why we picked One Click encoder.MeGUI Video Encoder
  3. In the One click encoder window, you will find the audio and video of the files. There are options to pick audio and video encoders and other options. You can click on Config button to choose x265 profile and then save settings by pressing the OK button.MeGUI Video Encoder
  4. Now you can click on the Queue button and it will start encoding. If it needs any newer version of the tools, it will download those files from the internet.MeGUI Video Encoder

The output files can be played in any media player like VLC media player. If you have used the H.265 codec then you will find that the video file size has been reduced.

You can download MeGUI from