How to Enable or Disable Dark Theme in Opera Browser

Recently the new update of the Google Chrome web browser added the new feature of enabling the dark mode or dark theme automatically when you enable dark theme in Windows 10. And now Opera has followed the suit and is offering the same feature in the version 60.0.3255.70 of the browser. While the automatic dark theme works for the Windows 10 users, those who are still using Windows 7 or 8 can also enable dark theme manually through the Opera settings.

1. Dark Theme through Easy Setup

You can quickly enable the dark or light themes from the Easy Setup shortcut in the Opera web browser. All you have to do is click on the Easy Setup shortcut and then select the Dark theme or the Light theme. If you have enabled the dark theme in Windows 10, then the dark theme will be auto-selected. You can manually select Light theme and this will override the Windows 10 settings for Opera theme.

Opera Dark Theme

2. Dark Theme through Opera Settings

For this, you have to change Opera settings in the following manner:

  1. Launch Opera browser (version 60.0 and above).
  2. Press the hotkey Alt+P to open the Opera settings. You can also click on Opera logo in the top-left corner and select Settings from the menu that shows up.
  3. In the settings, switch to the Advanced section.Opera Dark Theme
  4. Under the Appearance category you will find the option to Enable dark theme. You can toggle it on to enable dark theme and toggle it off to switch to the light theme.

While dark theme is specially designed to work with the dark theme feature of the Windows 10 operating system, it works for older versions of Windows too. The difference between the two is that in Windows 10, Opera can automatically the dark theme if you have enable dark theme in Windows settings, while in older versions of Windows you have to manually enable the dark theme in the manner described in the above steps.