NotCPUCores : Optimize Windows for Better Gaming Performance

Some gamers who want to make more resources available for the computer games, have a ritual before they launch the games. Usually this involves closing of all the unnecessary programs, shutting down antivirus products or switching them to game mode, stopping background services and more. Some gamers use a batch script to do this, other use special “game booster” programs. We have written about many of these booster programs before, such as, Razer Game Booster, GameSwift, Smart Game Booster etc.

And now PC gamers have another option called NotCPUCores. It is an open-source program for Windows that can change the ways a process is run in Windows. It can alter the number of CPU cores used by various applications as well as change their priority level. By reducing the number of cored used by unnecessary processes and changing their priority to a low level, you can make more system resources available for your games.


In NotCPUCores, you can a list of the processes from which you can select one or more of the processes in order to change their settings. Typically, you can alter their priority, change the number of cores used by them, and gives you option to apply these settings to children processes too.

If you have Steam installed in your PC, then NotCPUCores can pull the list of games installed in your Steam library and display them under the Steam tab. You can select these games and set the process and CPU core settings for each one for them. But Steam related functions are in beta mode and may fail to work.

The developer of NotCPUCores makes a wise observation that any “booster” app can only give you a small performance boost and if you want to really get more performance then there is no other alternative than to buy new gaming hardware.

You can download NotCPUCores from