Duplicate Media Finder : Find Identical and Similar Files in Windows

Duplicate files is a very common problem. We tend to download and re-download the same files without even trying to search the hard drive for them. Digital cameras also contribute to this problem as we store the same picture and edit it a little and store it again under a different name. Over a long period of time, you may end up with thousands of duplicate or identical files  on your hard drive. In order to get rid of these duplicate files, you can use Duplicate Media Finder.

Duplicate Media Finder is a program that allows you to find not only identical files but also similar media files. In the its interface, you can select the search type to be identical or similar for finding identical or similar media files respectively. For the similar media files detection, you can choose what types of media files you are looking for – images, videos, or audio files. You can also set the sensitivity to match the similarity of media files.

Duplicate Media Finder

In the search results all the files are displayed with previews so that you can visually see which duplicate files have been found. You can narrow down the search results by specifying the file names, extensions etc. You can select the duplicate files that you want to delete and then right-click on all the selected files and choose one of the options displayed. For example, you can rename the duplicates, delete the duplicates, find identical duplicates and more.

Duplicate Media Finder

Duplicate Media Finder can find identical files and similar media files in just a few seconds. It also helps delete the duplicate files, rename them or move them to a different locations. This way not only you organize your media files, but gain precious hard drive space.

You can download Duplicate Media Finder from https://duplicate-media-finder.kdo-rg.com/.