Transcend SSD Scope : Shows Drive Health, Clones Drives and Updates Firmware

Solid state drives are faster, offer noiseless performance and do not consume as much power as the older hard disk drives do. This is why everyone is switching to the newer solid state drives (SSD). I myself have replaced the hard drive from my laptop with a SSD. Even though the SSD capacity is not as large as the hard disk drive, Windows boots faster and takes only a few seconds before I can see the Windows desktop.

The owners of Transcend solid state drives can benefit from the Transcend SSD Scope software. This software is designed to maintain your SSDs for a longer life and smoother operation. It can show you the wear off status of the SSD which gives you an estimate of the remaining life. When your SSD is brand new, you will see this wear out indicator to be 100% but with time this indicator drops down and when it is below 30-40%, this is when you should start thinking about investing in another SSD.

Transcend SSD Scope

Among other things SSD Scope, displays information about your SSD including the SSD model, serial number, firmware version, SATA interfaces supported, its total capacity and lifetime. There are tools to measure the drive performance which shows you the sequential read/write as well as random read/write speeds. You cna securely erase all the data from the drive or perform a full erase. And there is a tool to scan your SSD for errors that could be causing a problem with overall performance.

Transcend SSD Scope

SSD Scope comes with drive cloning tools using which you can easily clone your existing hard drive or SSD on the brand new Transcend SSD. After this you can remove the older drives and start using the newer SSD without having to install operating system and drives all over again. The cloning process takes only a few minutes to complete. When a new firmware for SSD is available, you can update the firmware from SSD Scope very easily.

You can download SSD Scope from