EverEdit : Fast, Lightweight and Powerful Text Editor

When we have to edit a plain text file, we often think of Windows Notepad or Notepad++, but there are many other great alternatives too. EverEdit is one of those alternative text editors that offers many features for programmers or web designers. This advanced text editor is very small in file size, but is very fast in response and does not claim too many of your system resources.

EverEdit is a versatile text editor and can be used for editing text files, modifying binary files, editing source code files, creating scripts and HTML code for websites, and much more. Because of its multi-purpose nature, it can be used by both the amateurs and professionals alike. It can effectively replace the Windows Notepad as it is a really good text editor.

EverEdit comes with a user-friendly and fully customizable interface much similar to that of Notepad++ but with more features. The files can be opened in multiple tabs and a preview map of the contents of the file is displayed near the top-right corner. This map can be used to scroll up and down the document very easily. You can split each tab vertically or horizontally and view different parts of the same at the same time.


EverEdit has support for everything under the Sun that you can expect from a text editor – emojis, unicode, emmet, markdown languages, highlighting email addresses, highlighting numbers, highlighting colors, highlighting URL, displaying source code by code folding technique, creation of macros, and invoking compilers from within the EverEdit interface

EverEdit is able to handle binary files very easily as it comes with an in-built hex editor. It comes in an installer package but is also offered as a portable program. And if you are not satisfied with the features, you can use add-ons to further enhance its functionality.

You can download EverEdit text editor from http://everedit.net/.