Terminus : Beautiful Replacement for Terminal or Command Prompt

Before the graphical user interface of the oeprating systems took shape, all the operating systems were command line systems. You had to give a command to do anything. Even though all the popular operating systems switched to have a graphical user interface, they still retainied the ability to give commands. In Linux, it is available as Terminal and in Windows you have the command prompt (cmd.exe) which is now being slowly replaced by PowerShell. If you find the command prompt or terminal boring, then you can try an open-source terminal emulator called Terminus.

Terminus works in Linux, macOS and Windows. It offers you the ability to issue commands related to CMD, PowerShell, Cygwin, Git, and Cmder from a single interface. But what makes Terminus attractive is that it allows users to use themes and color schemes making it look pretty for your computer screen. It is available both as an installer and also as a portable version for Windows.


It features a tabbed user interface and each tab can have a different type of shell like CMD or PowerShell etc. In Windows, it opens CMD in a new tab by default, but this can be changed from the settings.  From the settings, you can change the themes, position of tabs, default shell for a new tab, transparency of the tabs through an acrylic effect that lets the background appear displayed through a shiny film. You can adjust the transparency of the background displayed through the acrylic effect. You can adjust the hotkeys, enable new plugins, and can even add a new SSH connection to a remote server (so you don’t need PuTTY anymore). There is also an option to replace command prompt with Terminus.


Terminus is still in alpha mode and can have many bugs. In fact, when we tried to run PowerShell in one of its tabs, it crashed. As far as the interface is concerned, it looks amazing and appears somewhat similar to the terminal of Ubuntu Linux.

You can download Terminus from https://github.com/Eugeny/terminus.