Grid 2 : Popular Racing Game is Now Free on Steam

I started loving racing games as a teenager when Need for Speed – Carbon was released. After playing this game, I didn’t stop and played all he games of the Need for Speed series. After that I started to find other racing games and later I found out about GRID and GRID 2. Anyone who loves racing games will surely love GRID 2 – a game known for stunning and realistic graphics, and a very addictive game-play. It is multiplayer and allows you to compete with your friends online or with other teams through the game servers.

GRID 2 offers breathtaking features that not only racing gamers will love, but even the fans of antique and retro cars will love this game. This is because this game offers you to choose from a range of iconic cars released in the last 50 years. Almost all the popular automobile manufacturers of past decades make to the list such as Mazda, Volvo, Subaru, McLaren, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes etc.

Grid 2

GRID 2 features a unique game feature called the story mode (its like career mode). In this mode, you will have to compete with other race opponents and struggle to make your way to the top in numerous races as the new star of the league. This involves competing with multiple race opponents in many different types of racing events.

Grid 2

If you do not want to go through the various events in the story mode, then you can engage in a quick race where you have to compete with the artificial intelligence or you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode online. As you win various races, new races, new locations and new cars will be unlocked for your use.

Steam is giving away GRID 2 for a limited period of time. You can visit Steam website, sign-in to your Steam account and add GRID 2 to your library for free. This is valid only until 23rd May 2019.

You can grab a free copy of GRID 2 from