How to Enable Dark Mode in Yahoo Mail Android App

Even though Gmail has become the leader in free email services, Yahoo Mail is not far behind and millions of people all over the world use it for their email needs. I myself have been using Yahoo Mail for a very long time. Just like other email services, you can access Yahoo Mail from a variety of different platforms – from web browser, from email clients like Thunderbird and from smartphone apps designed for iOS or Android.

If you are accessing Yahoo Mail from your Android smartphone, then you should be able switch the Yahoo App to the dark mode because now it is such a craze. Dark mode or dark theme in Yahoo Mail app for Android makes the entire interface very dark which is very comfortable for your eyes especially at the night time.

So here is how you can enable the dark mode or theme in Yahoo Mail app for Android:

  1. Launch Yahoo Mail app and tap on the menu icon (looks like a hamburger – three horizontal lines).
  2. Select Settings from the app’s menu.
  3. From the settings screen, select Themes.Yahoo Mail App Dark Mode
  4. You will be shown many themes near the bottom edge of the screen. Swipe left on the list of themes until you see the black theme. Tap on this black or dark theme to select it. Then tap on the small check-mark near the top to set this theme.Yahoo Mail App Dark Mode
  5. Now you have set the dark theme or dark mode in your Yahoo Mail app for Android.

Dark mode or dark theme is really useful for the people who do all their emailing at night time in their bed when it is dark. By using the dark mode, you can avoid the strain on eyes induced by the bright light of your screen which might even cause pain in your eyes.


    1. I’m assuming the new update is geared towards the new dark modes on androids and iOS. Now to get the dark theme for yahoo I have to turn on my dark mode on my iPhone. This sucks because I only like certain apps having the dark theme not all of them!

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