Clock for Google Chrome : Display Time & Date in Browser

All operating systems for desktop computers, that have graphical user interface, display a small clock somewhere on the screen. But this small clock is very tiny and dull looking. Some people have to squint their eyes to check the current time when trying to use this small clock. However, if you are a Google Chrome user then you can get a big and beautiful clock right inside the web browser.

This is possible through a web browser extension for Chrome called “Clock for Google Chrome”. This extension has only one goal – to display a large digital clock in the Chrome browser. After the installation, you can see a new clock icon in the Chrome toolbar. When you click on this button, it will display a nice looking clock that displays current time, day, date and month. It looks like the screen for the Android Lollipop phones that were available a few years ago. It would have been much better if we could change the background of the digital clock shown by this extension.

Clock for Google Chrome

There are no customization or settings for the clock design, but there is only one option available to enable it in the incognito mode. But this option is available by Chrome browser for many extensions. If you are looking for a similar extension with many more features and options, then you can try the “Shutterstock Tab” extension that we have reviewed earlier – make new tab page look better with Shutterstock Tab extension for Chrome.

Clock for Google Chrome

Conclusion: Clock for Google Chrome extension provides a very nice looking digital clock in the Chrome browser. There is no customization available but the clock looks very beautiful as it is. It provides time, day, date and month at the click of a button.

You can get the Clock for Google Chrome extension from


  1. From this blog, I got to know a new feature of google chrome. I recently, update the clock from Google chrome. It’s very good looking that’s why not required for any customization.

  2. From this article, I got to know about this new feature. It will be definitely helpful for all. According to me, no browser has clock, where you can see the time and date. This is one of the smartest features in chrome browser.

  3. As like of the other extensions the time, date and day displaying extension for the Chrome browser is also available, which I know from the facebook page, you can check it to know about such useful extensions.

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