DiskDigger : File Recovery App for Android Devices

If you have accidentally deleted your pictures or videos from your smartphone, then one way to recover the files is by removing the memory card from your smartphone, attaching it to your computer and running a recovery software like Recuva. But what if the lost files were not located on the memory card and they were stored on the internal memory of the phone? In that case you will need a file recovery app to be run from the Android smartphone – something like DiskDigger. It is a free app that can recover pictures and videos from your smartphones in just two steps.

DiskDigger offers easy-to-user interface and can recover files from your external memory card as well as from the internal phone memory. In the main interface, you can perform basic scan (for finding deleted pictures), full scan (for finding pictures and video files) or you can wipe the free space (to ensure that deleted files can longer be recovered).

DiskDigger for Android

Even though the free version can recover deleted video files, it requires that you root your Android phone first. When you have seletcted basic or full scan, it will scan your Android phone for any deleted files and show you a list of found files. Unfortunately, it shows both the deleted and present files in the list. You can select the files from the list and choose to recover them. However if you choose to cleanup the selected files, it will delete those files irrecoverably.

DiskDigger for Android

Verdict: DiskDigger is a simple app to recover your pictures and videos from your Android phone. For the recovery of other types of deleted files, you will have to root the Android phone. But if you want to recover other types of files, then you have to buy the Pro version.

You can get DiskDigger app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.defianttech.diskdigger.