How to Share Screen of Your Smartphone Over Skype

Screen sharing is a feature that have been available in the desktop version of Skype for a long time. Using this feature you can share your computer’s screen with a Skype over a video call. It is useful if you want to explain something to your co-workers or students, you want to share something with your friends (for example, show them what you are shopping online), or show them your gaming skills while playing Fortnite.

Now the same feature is available in Skype for smartphones. The new version of the Skype app for Android and iOS has the screen sharing feature and here is how you can use it:

  1. Update the Skype app to the latest version (the screen share feature is available in version 8.46).
  2. Launch Skype and start a video call with any of your contacts with whom you want to share screen.
  3. While in the middle of the video call tap on the options icon (three dots).Skype Screen Share
  4. It will show various options for the video call, from this screen tap on the “share screen” icon.
  5. Now you are sharing the screen with your contact. An icon will display in the notification bar of your smartphone indicating that you are sharing the screen.
  6. Whenever you want to stop sharing the screen just tap on the “share screen” icon once again like in the step 4 above. Alternatively, you can also just end the video call and it will stop sharing the screen along with the call itself.Skype Screen Share

Sharing the screen from one smartphone to another might slow down your smartphone because of too much processing. You need a good smartphone for this to work flawlessly – a phone with at least 4GB RAM and octa-core processor. The screen sharing works better if your share the screen with someone using desktop version of Skype as they can see details on their large screen.


  1. Will mobile hotspot work in pc. And will i be able to use data while on a call?

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