How to Reduce Cellular Data Use in Instagram App

When younger people are considered, Instagram and Snapchat are the two apps that consume most of their mobile data. No matter what they do, they snap it and share with others over the Instagram. And then they want to see what others are doing over the Instagram. Perhaps this is why Instagram developers have added a data saver feature in their app. This data saver feature can drastically reduce the mobile data use in Instagram app for both Android and iPhone. But when you are on a WiFi network, this feature automatically stops working.

Here is how you can reduce cellular data use in Instagram app:

  1. Launch Instagram app and then tap on the user icon. On the user settings screen, tap on the menu icon (looks like three stacked lines).Instagram Data Usage
  2. From the menu select Settings and then from the settings screen select Account.Instagram Data Usage
  3. On the account screen, select Cellular Data Use.
  4. Finally, tap on Data Saver option to enable it.Instagram Data Usage

After you have enabled data saver in your Instagram app, it will download low quality pictures and videos of smaller file size. On a smaller screen device (5 inches) you won’t notice much difference in the picture quality or the videos. But this will reduce the mobile data use a great deal. This is why for all the people who end up using all of their mobile data on Instagram will find this data saver option very useful.

Even when you have enabled this data saver option, this will work only when you are using the mobile data. As soon as you switch to a WiFi network, Instagram will start download full-sized and high quality pictures and videos. If the full-sized photos and videos are in app cache, they will appear the same even when you have switched to the mobile data.