How to Unblock Previously Blocked Contacts in Skype

If you remember your teenage years, then you know how best friends can get mad at each other for some reason but it does not take much time for them to reconcile and become friends again. So if you got mad at your Skype friends and blocked them, vowing never to speak to them ever again but later started to miss them, then you can simple unblock them. Here is how:

  1. Launch Skype app in your smartphone, login to your Skype account if you have not already done so.
  2. Under the chats screen that shows the list of all of your chat activity, tap on your user profile picture near the top of the screen.Unblock Skype Contacts
  3. This will open your user profile screen displaying your account information and other things. Tap on Settings to open Skype app settings.
  4. On the settings screen, tap on Contacts to see all the settings related to your contacts.Unblock Skype Contacts
  5. Tap on Blocked Contacts to view a list of all the people that you have previously blocked.
  6. For the contacts that you want to unblock, tap on the Unblock button next to their names and profile pictures. It should instantly unblock them.Unblock Skype Contacts

After the contacts have been unblocked, they will once again appear in your Skype chat list or phone conversation list. They will once again have access to your user profile description and picture and you will be able to communicate with them like usual.

But there could be one problem, if they have also blocked you, then you won’t be able to contact them unless they also unblock you first. You can easily tell if someone has blocked you, as you won’t have access to their profile picture, their Skype status (it always shows available) and you are not able to get any reply from them no matter how many times you message them.