Mario Royale : Play Classic Super Mario in Battle Royale Mode

Everyone who grew up in 1990s remembers Mario series of games. Back in those days, kids could tell just by hearing the game sound which Mario game is being played on the game consoles. Originally released only for Nintendo, Mario is still being played on all kinds of platforms. And now there is a unique blend of Super Mario and Battle Royale called Mario Royale and it can be played in any web browser. Even though Mario Royale can be played in any web browser on any desktop platforms, we have noticed that it works better in Google Chrome and obviously the new Opera GX gaming web browser.

Mario Royale

Mario Royale is played not by a single user but hundreds of players online. You simply have to play Mario Royale just like as you would play the classic Super Mario. Online players playing Mario Royale cannot interact with each other directly – they also try to proceed through a level. But players can destroy the blocks you are standing on. In addition, the power up objects (the cake, mushroom or flower) can be taken only by one player. The player who gets these power ups, has a better chance to finish the level.

Mario Royale

When you first play this game, Mario Royale looks like a complete chaos and you cannot really see which Mario you are controlling. And then suddenly the game ends and you have to restart it again. But after a few tries, you can learn to quickly play and proceed through the level. The game can be played using your keyboard or through a game controller. Since game play is very fast, you will have a better chance of playing it if you are using a gaming controller and Google Chrome web browser.

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