TagSpaces : Versatile Cross-Platform File Manager

If you are not happy with Windows File Manager and want more of an Android style file manager where items are tagged and colored then you can try open-source file manager TagSpaces. It is designed using Electron and therefore is very beautiful looking compared to some of the other file managers available for Windows. At the same time it is large in file size as Electron based projects tend to be unusually large in size.

In TagSpaces you can browse your files just like you would do in any other file manager, but for this you have to connect a location first – for example, in order to browse the contents of your Desktop folder, you have to connect to the Desktop folder first. For each of the files or folders, you can add a note or tag for finding them easier later. The search function is also given on the side bar and can be selected to search for tagged files based on both inclusive and exclusive tag searches.


If you want to explore files on your hard drives based on their tags, then you can select tag group operations from the side bar. it will show you all the tags available on your file system. You can click on these tags to list all the files having that tag. This makes very easy to find all the files based on their tags.

TagSpaces is a visually appealing file manager. It is portable and also allows you to select dark or light themes to change its appearance. The themes can be selected from the settings section and can also be quickly selected from the side bar itself.


TagSpaces being an Electron based app is available for all the platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

You can download TagSpaces File Manager from https://www.tagspaces.org/.