AoA Audio Extractor : Saves Audio Streams from Video Sources

If you have a video file and you want to extract audio stream from that video file, then you can use AoA Audio Extractor. It is a totally free audio extractor and converter software that allows you to easily extract the audio stream of any video and save it to an audio file.

The user interface of AoA Audio Extractor is designed to be extremely simple and universal. You simply have to add your source files to the program’s list. You can add source files of many different formats as it supports video file formats AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV (Flash Video), DAT, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP.

It doesn’t matter which codec was used to encode the audio stream inside these video files, it will successfully extract the audio stream and convert it into one of the popular audio file formats. It supports saving the audio stream in MP3, WAV and AC3 audio file formats.

AoA Audio Extractor

The basic version is rather limited and does not allow extraction of audio stream from more than three files at a time. If you want to remove this limit, then you have to buy the paid version of the software. In the paid version, you also get the ability to save a custom selected portion of the audio stream.

Apart from the audio extraction, you also get karaoke recording, audio to audio conversion, and recording of voice through microphone in the paid version. In the Karaoke recording, you can change the voice to male, female or child just by using the software.

AoA Audio Extractor

Conclusion: AoA Audio Extractor is a nifty little tool to extract audio streams of many of the popular video file formats. It works very fast and simultaneously converts the extracted streams into MP3, WAV or AC3 audio files.

You can download AoA Audio Extractor from