Toggl : Time Management App for Windows Users

Every night when you go to bed, you often come across the question – “how well I have used the time this day?” But then you realize that there are many things you were not able to do due to lack of time, or that some tasks took too much time and you were not able to carry out some other tasks because no time was left for them. All this is because you have not carefully trained yourself to maximize the use of the limited time that we all have each and every day. With the help of an app called Toggl you can use learn to make the most of your time everyday by tracking how much time you are giving to everyday tasks.

Toggl allows you to manage your time by tracking how much time you are using in each of the activities in your everyday life. To start using the Toggle Desktop app, you can simply add the name of the task and clicking on the Start button. When you have finished the task, you can click on the Stop button. Just like a sports timer, it will show how many minutes or hours you spent on that task.

Toggl Desktop App

Next time you are going to perform the same task, you can start that same timer once again and record how much time you spent this time. You can compare how much time you are giving to that task everyday. Your goal is to minimize the time used for the same task.

Toggl Desktop App

Over a longer period of time, you can view the reports of your activities and how much time each of these took to complete. For this, you can simply right-click on Toggl icon in the system tray and choose Reports from there. Reports are shown on the Toggle website in your web browser and are available with many different tools such as insights.

You can download Toggl Desktop App from