Enjoy Online Radio in Firefox with Worldwide Radio Extension

Even though TV shows and online video streaming has become very popular, both of these require your full attention. You cannot do anything else when watching your favorite TV show. But radio is different, you can list to your favorite radio stations while doing your everyday work. In fact, listening to music or other talk shows while doing work often kills the monotony of work life and makes it more fun.

There are many online radio listening applications such as such as odio, Radiola, OooPlayer, Screamer Radio, Maximus Radio, TapinRadio and more. But now you can listen to online radio stations right inside your Firefox web browser using the Worldwide Radio extension. It features more than 30,000 online radio stations located all over the world. The extension is designed so well that it actually won best Firefox Quantum extension award in the category of entertainment & games extensions.

Worldwide Radio for Firefox

It places a radio icon in the Firefox toolbar clicking on which you will be shown a list of hundreds of countries all over the world. As soon as you select a country from the list, all the radio stations from that country are displayed in another list. You can use a search function to find a radio station. You can also add a radio station to your favorites list so that you can find it later easily. The radio stations play in Firefox and allow you to control the volume conveniently.

Worldwide Radio for Firefox

If you are feeling adventurous, you can use the random option to jump to any radio station in the list. If you want to keep listening to different random stations, then you can use the shuffle play option that can keep switching to different radio stations after every 15 seconds. You can change the shuffle time from 15 seconds to anything you like in the settings. You can turn off shuffle play when you stumble upon on an interesting radio program.

Worldwide Radio for Firefox

Worldwide Radio is a small and fast radio player for Firefox. Unlike some other bulky online radio applications, it does not consume too many system resources. With 30,000 online radio stations in its list, you can always find something amusing or informative for your listening pleasure.

You can get Worldwide Radio extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/worldwide-radio/.