How to Play 4K/HEVC Videos Using 5KPlayer

Newer action cameras such as Sony GoPro 6 or Xiaomi Mi Mijia 4K are able to record videos in UHD 2K and 4K resolutions. But when you try to play them on your Windows PC or Macbook, you may not be able to watch them smoothly for two reasons – your computer’s hardware is not powerful enough or your media player is not able to handle such high resolutions.

The first problem can be addressed only if you upgrade your system hardware or buy a new computer with better specs. But if it is the media player is responsible for 4K video not playing when you try to play 4K videos, then you can always switch to 5KPlayer that can play any UHD video smoothly on your computer.

Here are some of the features offered by 5KPlayer:

  • Plays videos, DVD movies, music files and online radio
  • Plays UHD 4K, 2K, 1024p and 360° videos
  • Streams media wirelessly to other devices using DNLA
  • Uses AirPlay to mirror iPad/iPhone screen on your computer


Supports hardware acceleration for smoother playback
In order to play UHD videos smoothly on your computer, you need to harness the power of your computer’s graphics card. 5KPlayer uses any available Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPU for hardware acceleration. Powered by GPU, you can start watching UHD videos on your computer without any glitches or stuttering.

Plays music as well as videos
Even though this HEVC/h265 player focuses on playing UHD 4K videos with the help of hardware acceleration to provide you unmatched video experience, it can also play music files stored on your computer. You can add your music files to the 5KPlayer library and it will play your favorite music tracks one after another.


Advanced features during video playback
When you are playing a video, you can access some of the unusual but helpful features from the interface. For example, you can rotate the video frame clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you are watching a DVD or Blu-ray movie, then you can access various chapters, audio streams (different languages) and subtitles easily from the video interface itself.

Listen on online radio stations
5KPlayer allows listening to online radio stations through its modern interface. You simply have to select the online radio icon from its home screen, select one of the radio stations and then it will start to play the selected online radio station in very high quality. Unfortunately, not many radio stations are listed in 5KPlayer but you can always add them manually.

Supports DLNA media streaming
5KPlayer supports DLNA media streaming so that you can enjoy your media collection on any device that supports DLNA such as Samsung Smart TV. DLNA server settings in 5KPlayer have to be enabled for this to work. It combines DLNA renderer, controller, and server all in one package.


Supports AirPlay screen mirroring and recording
In addition, it also supports AirPlay through Apple Bonjour service for mirroring Apple iPad or iPhone screens on your computer. It can also mirror your computer screen on other AirPlay supported devices such as Apple TV. Furthermore, it can also record the mirrored screen with 4K UHD resolution.

With painstakingly designed intuitive interface, 5KPlayer is a feature loaded HD video player for playing all kinds of media on your Windows or macOS computer. Whether you want to watch 4K videos or latest DVD movies, whether you want to mirror iPhone on your PC or you want to record it, or even if you just want to listen to your music collection – 5KPlayer supports it all. You must try 5KPlayer at least once and we are sure that you will forget all about VLC Media Player.

You can download 5KPlayer from