Combine PDF : Merge Several PDF Files into Single Document

These days many banks are sending monthly reports or statements of your bank accounts in form of the PDF documents to your email address registered with your bank. This way, not only they save the paper used in all the printed statements, but they also deliver the statements instantly without any need to visit the bank branch. If you want to combine all such PDF documents into a single PDF file, then you need a tool like Combine PDF using which you can join multiple PDF files together in any specified order.

Combine PDF has an intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to work with your PDF files. You can begin by dragging-n-dropping your PDF documents on its window to add them to the list. You can change the order in which they are merged together in the final document. When you are ready, you can simple click on the Merge button to join these files. The final file will be created in the “Combine PDF” folder located in your user profile folder.

Combine PDF

Under the “Modifications” tab, you can find many other extra features – watermarking, encryption, cropping of the pages, rotating the pages, remove pages from PDF files, extracting of pages, changing the metadata of the a PDF file, digitally signing the PDF file and more. All these tools have many configurable options of their own, for example, you can specify permissions to be allowed or disallowed if you decide to use the encryption tool.

Combine PDF

Combine PDF is useful when you want to join multiple PDF files together to make one big PDF document. It is free and offers many advanced features such as document restrictions and password protection. Unfortunately, the free version cannot process more than two files which is disappointing because many other similar free tools such as PDF Combiner are available that allow merging of unlimited number of PDF documents.

You can download Combine PDF from