AI Image Enlarger : Lossless Enlarging of Images with Machine Learning

After the exponential growth in the popularity of FaceApp that we published about months before it became popular, now more and more image editing web apps and mobile apps are adopting the power of artificial intelligence to make the smallest of the tasks much more accurate and easier. Recently there was a web app AI Portraits that soared to immense popularity in days – so much that the servers could not handle the traffic and had to be taken down.

Now there is a new web app called “AI Image Enlarger” for enlarging your images with the help of artificial intelligence. It boasts of giving you much better results than the usual enlarging methods found in image viewers such as IrfanView. It uses well-known SRCNN (single-image super resolution using convolution neural networks) method for generating a high-resolution image from a low-resolution source image. The results are obviously better if the source image is not very small in size.

AI Image Enlarger

For using AI Image Enlarger, you simply have to visit their website and click on the Select Files button to select your images. It restricts the image files to be less than 3MB and having a resolution of less than 750×800 pixels. Only PNG and JPEG images can be used. As soon as you select the files, enlarging options appear – you can choose 2x or 4x enlarging, and you can also choose how the image should be treated (as an artwork, as someone’s face, or as a photo). You can try these all to see which option gives the best result.

AI Image Enlarger

Pretty soon, you will be able to click on the Preview button to see the enlarged image. It opens in a new tab and you can download it from there directly. The enlarged image is available as a PNG file only but you can use any image editor/viewer such as IrfanView to convert its format to any other image format.

In our tests we found that it works great if the original image has resolution more than 400×300 pixels. Anything smaller than that does not produce very good results. But even for the smaller resolution images, it works better than traditional image resizing applications. We compared an image resized using AI Image Enlarger and the same image enlarged using IrfanView (Lanczos filter) – AI Image Resizer produced much more clear enlarged image than IrfanView.

You can visit AI Image Enlarger at