Trello : Easy-to-use Project Collaboration Web App

Trello is a web based project collaboration app that can be used by teams or groups to work together on a project. It differs from other similar solutions as it provides a visual board of all the things related to a project just as you would find in real life in a workplace. You can post various notes, memos, ideas, suggestions, etc on this board in form of cards. As the project progresses, the old cards an be taken down and new ones take their place. All the members of a team can add or edit these cards.

Trello requires that you create an account to start after which you can either pick one of the ready-to-use boards or create one from the scratch. You can pick from a number of categories like travel, wedding, personal goals, education, marketing, engineering, productivity, business, project management etc. Because of a wide variety of categories to be chosen, Trello can be used for professional project collaboration as well as for making or managing personal lists such as Christmas gifts for all friends and family members.


After creating a new board, you have to set its title, goals, due date, checklist, attachments and then you can invite other members to join the board. All of the information is added to a board in the form of cards and these cards can be placed in many different categories which are defined by the goals.


Trello is not only available as a web app, but it is also available as a smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices. In addition, it is also available as an app for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems. As a web app, it is supported by all the modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other web browsers based on them.

You can start using Trello by visiting