Delete Stubborn Files in Windows with Delete.On.Reboot

Sometimes certain files in Windows simply refuse from being deleted. The reason is mainly that these files are locked by some process or service and cannot be unlocked easily. If you want to delete such stubborn files, then you can make use of a feature of Windows that allows you to set these files for deletion upon system boot. We have developed a tool for this in the past called Delete on Boot that can be used to remove these files upon next system boot. And now the famous SoftwareOK developer Nenad Hrg has produced a similar utility called Delete.On.Reboot.

This utility can be used to set files and folders to be deleted or moved at next Windows boot. The user interface is very simple and you can just click on the Add button to select the files for deletion at reboot. More options are available for adding folders and files if you click on the plus button next to the Add button – you can add files or folders for deletion, for moving to specific folders or for moving to temporary folders.

Delete on Reboot

There is nothing else to do after adding the folders or files. The next time you reboot Windows, it will automatically take the selected action for those files. If you want to cancel or change the deletion or moving of these files at any later time (before Windows has rebooted) then you can launch Delete.On.Reboot once again and right-click on these files to select an appropriate option.

Delete on Reboot

The program uses a well known Windows API call to set files for deletion or moving them on reboot. But since this can be used accidentally to remove your personal files, it gives the user a warning regarding this. According to the developer, this program should only be used by advanced and expert users.

You can download Delete.On.Reboot from