Experience Windows XP in Web Browser Along with BSOD Prank

In the past we have posted about how you can try Windows 95 in a web browser. That was not a joke and it was a nearly complete JavaScript based emulation of the decades old operating system from Microsoft in your web browser. But now some clever people have created a website that lets you use Windows XP in your web browser. Unlike the Windows 95 emulation, it does not download a big file before you can start using the operating system in your web browser. This website starts Windows XP instantly in the desktop mode and you can start using all the various applications of the old time – Winamp (immensely popular media player of 90s), Tetris, Minesweeper, Internet Explorer 7 and so on.

Windows XP in Web Browser

But the real reason why this “Windows XP in a browser” starts so fast is that it is not real operating system emulation. It is just very good and very clever website that makes it appear that you are using Windows XP. When you visit this website, it tells you to press F11 to switch to the full-screen mode and trick your friends in using your computer. Everything that is already open work as they should – web browser, a small Tetris game, Minesweeper and Winamp.

Windows XP in Web Browser

The prank part kicks in when you try to use anything other than these open windows. For example, if you try to open “My Computer” to access the hard drive contents. It will suddenly display BSOD (blue screen of death) which should panic anyone who was trying to use Windows XP in the web browser. Before you have time to think, the Dell computer reboots and starts to format the hard drive. After format is complete, you are shown some options for creating a new partition and more fun ensues.

You can enjoy playing Windows XP in a web browser prank with your friends by visiting https://geekprank.com/xp-simulator.php.