Edit Videos Easily with Free Icecream Video Editor

Becoming a YouTuber is not an easy task – not only you have to spend a lot of time filming videos, but then you also have to edit them to get them ready for publishing. During the editing process, you have to do voice-overs, remove unwanted frames, add pictures, add effects, add texts and more. For all these video editing tasks, some people go overboard and buy expensive software usually meant for professional media firms. If you want an easy-to-use and free video editor for preparing videos for YouTube then you can use free Icecream Video Editor.

It uses a timeline based user interface which makes it easy for you to work with videos. You can use multiple media sources like image files, videos files and audio files and add them to the timeline. For each of these, you can select the location on the timeline simply by dragging and dropping them on a place you want them to be.

Icecream Video Editor

For all the media elements added to the timeline, you can change the time duration for which they appear in the final video. You can also add various transition effects to the videos. There are some special effects that can be applied to the videos in the timeline, such as sepia, vintage, VHS tape, pop art, telescopic art, water color, pixelate, color bokeh, black & white etc. Furthermore, you can also add text on top of the video frames. This text can have many different fonts, styles and animations.

Icecream Video Editor

When you are done editing the video, you can export it into am MP4 or WEBM video file. These two video file types make it easy to upload them to online video sharing sites like YouTube. Icecream Video Editor uses FFmpeg to process the videos and therefore it produces really high quality video files. It also gives you option to upload them to YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can download Icecream Video Editor from https://icecreamapps.com/Video-Editor/.