Uno Calculator : Windows 10 Calculator for Android Devices

Microsoft released the source code of Windows 10 on GitHub five months ago in February 2019. Anybody can download it and compile it using Microsoft Visual Studio with Windows 10 SDK. Because the source code was released under MIT license, it can be used by anyone for their use as long as you do not remove the original license and copyrights from Microsoft. As such, someone has released a port of Windows 10 calculator app for Android under the name of UNO Calculator. It has been created using UNO Platform that works with .NET projects to create mobile apps.

The new Android app is exact replica of the Windows 10 calculator other than the name. It has the same different types of calculators that be selected – standard, scientific, programmer from the menu. Apart from the main calculators, it has the same number of converters – currency, volume, length, weight, mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, time, power, data, pressure and angle.

UNO Calculator for Android

For some reason UNO Calculator app for Android is not very fast and and responsive compared to the native Android stock calculator which gives the same functions. When switching from one form of calculator to another, you might experience a lag in the user interface – and we tested it on OPPO A7 with octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM.

There are no visual differences between Windows 10 Calculator and UNO Calculator for Android. However, when you try the currency converter, the currency exchange rates used by UNO Calculator are a few hours older compared to the Microsoft Windows 10 Calculator. Perhaps they are using different sources for currency exchange rates.

UNO Calculator for Android

Even though Google Play store has many great calculator apps like the ones developed by ASUS or Samsung that far surpass in performance and features offered by UNO Calculator, it is still very interesting to have the same exact calculator in both Windows 10 and Android.

You can get UNO Calculator for Android from