FineRecovery : Fast Data Recovery Software for Windows

Anyone can lose their important data accidentally and then they start to try a number of things suggested by their friends their computer making the situation even worse. For example, if you download files on your hard drive after data loss, it could actually overwrite the files and then all the hope of recovering those files will be gone forever. Instead of asking your friends who are clueless themselves, you should trust the experts and use a good data recovery software like FineRecovery.

FineRecovery is a very fast data recovery tool and works on all the versions of Windows from XP to 10. It supports all types of partitions using a number of different file systems including NTFS4, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, XFS, HFS, and HFS+. Furthermore, it is able to recover data from various other storage devices such as memory cards (SD, microSD) and USB storage media (pen drives, digital camera, MP3 player, USB hard drives).

The user interface shows you all the visible hard drives and their partitions. You can select one of these partitions and choose to scan it using quick scan, full scan or advanced scan. Depending on the partition size, number of deleted files on it and the type of scan you have chosen, it will take a short or long time to finish the scan. But compared to some other similar tools, FineRecovery performs scanning really very fast.


In the search results, you can select the files that you want to recover, right-click on the files and from the right-click menu you can choose Recover. You can also save the names of all the files from this menu. After this you will have to select a destination folder where you can save the files.


FineRecovery has a file preview feature using which you can see the data of the files without first recovering them. For this you can either double-click on a file or you can select the file and then click on the Preview icon in the toolbar. This will show you a preview of the deleted file in a small window.

FineRecovery is a small but fast and reliable data recovery software. It is able to recover all the different kinds of files such as photos, documents, music, videos and other data. It performs the scans quickly and can securely recover your data in seconds.

You can download FineRecovery from