FolderMill : Automatic File Processing Software for Professionals

If you are a professional, then you know how much of file processing you need in a day of work. You have to save the invoices in a folder, sort them and later print them for accounting purposes. You may even want to create a cloud backup of your files. All these file processing, if done manually by you, will take a long time of your work day. But if you had a file processing software like FolderMill, you can automate the whole process and save your precious time.

FolderMill is a file automation software that can convert Microsoft Office documents (DOCX, PPTX etc) into PDF files or image files (JPEG, TIFF) automatically. All you have to do is set some folders as “hot folders” which are simply the folders being monitored by FolderMill service. Any new files arriving in these folders are automatically processed by FolderMill.


How it is going to process different files in a hot folder, depends on the rules that you have configure for the specific hot folder. For example, you can set the rules for a hot folder that all the files coming to that folder are to be printed. Similarly, you can set another hot folder so that all the files inside are converted into PDF documents or PNG images or both.

Using FolderMill is very easy. You simply have to install it on your computer, launch it, set one or more “hot folders”, add actions to these hot folders and you are all done. For FolderMill service to start monitoring your hot folders, you will have to click on Start button on the left side.


Now whenever you put some files in those hot folders, the associated actions are performed instantly by FolderMill. You can either put the files in these hot folders manually, or you can set your system to receive files in those folders automatically from other networked computers.

FolderMill is a very productive software for business owners who want to have the invoices, receipts other things to be printed automatically. It can also automatically convert documents into other formats.

You can download FolderMill from