Play Cult Classic Game Diablo in Web Browser

Blizzard Entertainment released a game on the last day of 1996 – this game became an instant hit with PC gamers and went on to become a cult classic and now can be played inside any modern web browser. Yes, we are talking about the mythological game Diablo 1. It has been more than two decades since Diablo 1 first saw daylight. It was designed to target Windows 95 desktop computers of those times and was built using the DirectX 2.0 API. One had to have a latest Windows 95 PC in order to run this game properly back then. But now you can play it inside your web browser.

Some open-source developers have created a web browser version of the Diablo 1 game. This game can be played just by visiting their website. But when you visit the website, it shows some information that you have to either drag-n-drop DIABDAT.MPQ file in the web browser or your can click on Play Shareware button to start playing the shareware version. If you choose to play the shareware version, then it will slowly download a 50MB file (yes their servers are very slow).

Diablo in Web Browser

In case you are wondering where to get the DIABDAT.MCQ file, you can get it from the full version of the  Diablo 1 game installation. If you don’t have the original Diablo 1 discs anymore, then you can buy the full version of Diablo 1 from GoG that also includes the Hellfire mod by visiting

Diablo in Web Browser

In our experience the game works better with Chrome browser even though it can be played in any modern web browser like Firefox, Opera, Edge etc. When the 50MB file is downloaded, it will take more time to process it before you can see the Diablo 1 start screen. After that, it will be exactly like you have been playing traditionally

You can visit to start playing Diablo in your web browser.