PhotoPad : Feature Loaded Digital Image Editor for Windows

PhotoPad is a feature-loaded digital image editing software that is not only fast but also very small in size. Just like all the other impressive software from “NCH Software”, it is only a few MB in size but contains a surplus of features. With a clutter-free user interface and support for a large number of image file types, it is an essential tool for all the people who own a digital camera or are photography enthusiasts.

Photo editing features
PhotoPad offers both simple and advanced editing tools. You can crop, rotate, straighten, flip and resize your images. You can change the color levels, light, contrast and saturation for the images. Advanced selection tools such as magic-wand and magnet selection are available. There is a separate “Color” tab that packs all the color related tools like auto-color, color curves, color balance, image temperature and so on.


Hundreds of effects
PhotoPad has all the usual effects that you might expect from an image editing software. Effects like blur, sharpen, pixelate, vignette, local focus, lens distortion, warm and many more are included. Under the “More Effects”, some of very impressive effects like noise reduction, focus fixing, red eye and more are available. You can also add text, draw over the images, create a panorama or remove a particular color from the images. All these effects can be combined together to create unique effects for your images.

Retouching tools
If your digital images, whether snapped through your camera or scanned using flatbed scanner, need some retouching then PhotoPad offers many tools. One of the tools auto-fix can automatically scan your image and make it look better. But there are tools for manually fixing problems like noise reduction, focus fix, touching up, colorize, color burn and color dodge.

PhotoPad allows you save your edited images locally, but you can also share/store them over Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Flickr. You can also simply email the images to yourself or to your friends.

You can download PhotoPad from