Play Cult Classic Game Doom I and Doom II on Android

Doom is certainly the most popular cult classic first person shooter game that PC users have ever played. It was released in 1993 and became instant hit with everyone overnight. The story, the music, the monsters, the weapons and the ever challenging levels were so astounding for the time that all the gaming magazines praised the game incessantly. It stayed popular for years until the newer FPS games with better graphics arrived on the scene, such as “The Operative: No one lives forever”, “Half Life” and “Unreal Tournament”.

Today Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom are available for PC users from GoG easily in a updated form that can be played even on latest Windows computers. There are several Doom ports available that allow playing it with extra features and better graphics. Recently the original developer of Doom released a new mod (Sigil mod) that brings new levels to Doom 1. And now, in order to celebrate 25th anniversary of initial Doom release, Bethesda software has released Doom 1 and Doom 2 ports for Android.

Play Doom on Android

The Android version of Doom series of games are exactly like the PC version in terms of gameplay, control and graphics. Of course, people who have played Doom on their desktop computers and have controlled the game using keyboard, will find the Android version of Doom a little difficult to control in the beginning. But once you start playing it, you will soon get used to it. However, you can also attach a keyboard with your Android device either through the OTG interface or through Bluetooth.

Just like Doom for PC, Doom for Android is also not free. Both Doom 1 and Doom 2 are priced at $5.95 which is more expensive than buying Doom 2 or Ultimate Doom for PC computer from GoG. Other than paying for the game, you also have to create an account before you can start playing Doom on Android.

You can get Doom 1 for Android from and Doom 2 for Android from